Mobius Realty is committed to being the most knowledgeable townhouse sales brokerage and marketing firm in Manhattan. The bi-monthly Manhattan Townhouse Reports represent the most comprehensive and thoroughly researched and documented multi-year analysis of the Manhattan townhouse market available.

historical cost

In order to provide a comprehensive survey of historical current owner acquisition cost, the reports are structured with multiple time intervals (12-months-to-date to 30-years). Similarly, to provide geographic context, for each time interval, the subject area (Neighborhood) is juxtaposed with relevant sub-markets within the subject area and in surrounding neighborhoods, as well as throughout Manhattan.

details and specifics

The reports have been designed to summarize a vast amount of information in a brief and highly intelligible format. It is expected, however, that the critical reader may have additional questions. We welcome and encourage your inquiries. Further details and specifics can be made available for all the underlying data.

If there is a chart or analysis you would be interested in seeing, please let us know. For more information about the reports and townhouse market research, we invite you to get in touch with us through Contact.

opinion of value

If you are interested in determining the current value of one of your properties, Mobius Realty would be pleased to prepare an Opinion of Value for your property at no cost to you.

For more information, we invite you to get in touch with us through Contact, or contact in confidence Clifford E. Katz, President at 212-213-2981 or

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